I love my ruffstuff hood but I really like your hood and want to try one like it.

@junior oopsies I quickly went through your page and saw your boost of orionOmega sowwy.

@littlealexkid ah I see! Well should have one of my own soon! 😀

@junior @littlealexkid I hope you’ll post pics when you do have yours. :D (also, replying to the original question: I love my Wruff Stuff hood ^^)

@Kaydee @littlealexkid I will! I’m still not sure if I prefer the Mr S leather ones or the Wruff Stuff ones. Also what colour! So many choices 😅

@junior I just got my Wruff Stuff hood today (first ever hood) and I love it. It fits so well and is really comfortable!

I looked at other brands but I just love the more goofy/floppy style of the Wruff Stuff ones compared to other styles which tend to look a bit more rugged/tough. The Wruff Stuff style definitely feels better suited to my personality.

@junior they definitely are from what I have heard from some Dutch pups who own them.

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