Daddy’s been teaching me some baby yoga! He says this one’s Down Dog, and this one’s Child’s Pose 🐶👦

Taking offline for a few hours while I migrate storage

Went to my first pup event last week - Paws in Southampton! Had an absolute blast meeting so many pups and hanging out with @junior @finn @spacetiger and @ryandk! Can't wait to go back!

Babypuppies make the cutest pup piles 😄 Here’s Finn, Junior, & Sudo, aka @Littleivo @james & @PaddedTwink, playing nicely together at Club Paws/Little Ones 🐾 🍼 Good puppies!

My first pup hood has been made and should be here by the weekend! 🐶

Had a real fun time at Pup Out on the weekend with Daddy @spacetiger!

I even got to try a hood for the first time, which I later found out once belonged to @GingerPupGraham ☺️

Now I just need to save up my pennies for my own one 🤑

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Yay, going to Pup Out tomorrow in London! 🐶

Just submitted to the server list so we might get some new users soon!

Look what Daddy got me! Gonna have to wait for Daddy to put it on me though *wags*

Smooth puppy butt / tail 

Hmm thinking about posting a tail pic 🤔

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